How to Get Started with Domain Investing

Are you interested in buying and selling domain names, domain investing, and make lots of money? Domain name investors, or domainers, buy and sell domains to make a profit. They register new domain names and purchase already existing ones that were once undervalued and can be resold at a higher rate. Do you know that a large number of existing domain names are sold weekly ranging from $5 to more than $1M?

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How to Get Started with Domain Investing

Before you consider investing in domain names as a domainer, you should have something to put up for sale. Following are three main ways using which you can get started in domain investing and create your own domain inventory:

1.   Earn More with Expired Domain Names

Thousands of domain names expire on a daily basis and become available for registration by others. The nice ones never make it to the point that you can hand register them. Rather, expired domain services take them eagerly.

A few famous expired domain catchers are SnapNames, NameJet, and DropCatch. All these services enable you to place an order for an expired domain name and then, they’ll try to acquire the name as soon as it gets available.

But know that the prices vary. You need to pay at least $59 to purchase an expired domain through one of the above-mentioned services. At times, multiple people place an order for the same domain name and if that happens, you’ll have to win it in an auction.

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When comparing with hand registering domain names, it costs more money to buy expired domains. However, expired domain names may result in quick resales. Some of the expired domain names that you purchase have already been registered for over decades, so they are normally of higher quality.

2.   Select Unregistered Domain Names

In this market, you’ll come across the term “hand registering” which is often used by the domainers. This indicates they are about to register domain names that haven’t got registered earlier and are currently available for the purchase.

It might surprise you that registering the available domain names can help you in making good money. Having almost 130 million .com domains registered, it can be difficult finding a good domain name that isn’t already registered.

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Even so, great domain names get registered daily. However, the secret is that not every domain name is worth lots of money that instant. Basically, hand registering domain names is a long-term investment approach.

Tip: Follow the trends to seek upcoming opportunities. As the new registrations are inexpensive, you can invest your money in plenty of ideas and figure out which one is profitable.

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Here is an instance of a successful hand registration: When the UK voted to leave the European Union, somebody registered the next day after the Brexit vote. The domain name got sold for $1500 in October and that amount is clearly a 150x return in a few months.

This is quite uncommon for a hand registered domain name to get sold this fast. Let’s take notice of further kinds of domain name inventory boosters.

3.   Go for the Domain Marketplaces

The last and final way to create your domain name inventory is to acquire a domain in what the domainers call “domain marketplaces” or “aftermarket”. This is nothing but buying domain names that are already registered.

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It is normally the most expensive approach to build your domain name store but it can also offer amazing returns.

You can buy domain names in the aftermarket simply by looking for those names that have been listed for sale on websites like Sedo and Godaddy Auction. Most of these domain names have a fixed rate while you need to submit an offer and negotiate a price for other domain names.

Also, you can contact the owners of domain names that aren’t part of the list for sale and see if you can persuade them to sell their domain names. Though it requires great effort, this opportunity must be availed to quickly flip the domain name for profit. Most of the people don’t even try buying such domains that aren’t already put up for sale.

You must be able to make good judgments in the matter of the aftermarket. Go for the domain names that are under-priced. If you have great knowledge regarding any niche, you should focus on it so that you can choose the domains having the potential to get sold for more money than the current stated price.

Let’s do Domain Investing Now

Many of the domainers get started by hand registering the domain names as it is quite affordable and easy. Then, they proceed over the expired domain names. As soon as they get succeeded with domain investing, they include aftermarket domain names to their portfolio.

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