Godaddy Discount Codes – Get Up to 40% Off New Orders for Domain name and Web hosting

Today, many people and businesses are looking to buy perfect domain names for their online business. Many of them buy a large number of domains at the same time for investing or other purposes. So, reducing the cost is important for them. One of the best ways is by using coupons or discount codes when buying. The following article is going to introduce to you Godaddy discount codes to help you to reduce this cost.

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1. What are Godaddy discount codes?

Godaddy discount codes are promotional codes applied to customers for buying new products on Godaddy, such as domain name, web hosting, SSL, website builder, or email,…These codes actually reduce the regular price of products or services for customers. Especially if you’re a new customer at Godaddy, you have a chance to get a very cheap domain price, starting low at $4.99/1st year

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2. Which types of Godaddy codes?

There are many types of Godaddy codes. Each type can be applied to a line of products or categories. They can be Godaddy domain coupons, Godaddy hosting coupons, Godaddy SSL coupons, Godaddy renewal coupons,… and many more.

When applying a discount code to the cart, you need to choose the right code for that product/ service. For example, if you’re buying a domain name from Godaddy then you will need to apply the right Godaddy domain coupon in order to get the discount. You can not get the discount when applying another type of coupon such as hosting coupons, SSL coupons, or email coupons.

2.1. Godaddy domain discount codes

These are codes that can be applied only for domain name buying. Godaddy occasionally offers domain discount codes monthly or quarterly for their users. Both existing customers and new users can use them easily. Usually, the discount rate (%) is ranging from 10% to 90% on your total orders

2.2. Godaddy hosting discount codes

These are codes that can be applied only for web hosting purchases. Godaddy offers many hosting discount codes for several types of hosting such as web hosting, business hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, or reseller hosting. When using these coupons, you will get a discount rate from 10% – 80% on your total orders. Or you will get web hosting for just $5.99/mo for the 1st year.

2.3. Godaddy WordPress discount codes

As their name, these codes are applied only for WordPress hosting purchases. You can get a discount rate from 25% – 50% based on your choice packages. Especially if you buy the Ultimate package, you will get a 35% discount plus a free SSL certificate for the 1st year.

2.4. Godaddy SSL discount codes

These Godaddy SSL codes save you from 20% – 40% off on your SSL certificate orders. And they only work when you buy SSL at Godaddy.

2.5. Godaddy renewal discount codes

Godaddy renewal discount codes only work when you do renewing your domain name, SSL, or web hosting. Nowadays, these renewal codes are really rare, Godaddy doesn’t offer public renewal coupons to their customer. It is not much, and even you can not find an active renewal coupon on the internet.

There are some alternative ways that you can use to reduce the renewal cost after the 1st year. One of the effective ways is joining the GDDC (Godaddy Discount Domain Club). Once you join this discount club, you will get a discount rate up to 55% off the normal price.

3. Working Godaddy discount codes

Currently, there are many working Godaddy coupon codes that you can use instantly to reduce the cost. Our team has checked these codes frequently. You can choose to use it at any time you want.

However, in some rare cases, you will get an error while doing the redemption. That’s because the code was invalid without any notification from Godaddy. In this case, you just drop a comment below, and I will replace another active one for you.

3.1. Godaddy domain discount codes

Godaddy domain discount codesDescription
GOFLIN77This code allows you to buy a .COM domain for only $4.99/1st year. Only for new customers and Limited 01 per customer.
GDD30OFF CJC30C CJCCOUP30 CJC1OFF30 CJCGROUPP CJC2OFF30These codes discount you 30% on domain name orders. These discount codes also can not be applied for renewals or transfers

3.2. Godaddy hosting discount codes

Godaddy hosting discount codesDescription
CJC50IDC CJCGROUP50 CJCCHP50H CJCFWH50 TDE50HU TDE50HUKThese Godaddy codes save you 50% on Web hosting orders. These codes can not be applied for renewals or transfers
CJC50HST CJCRMN50HUThese codes save you 50% on Delux hosting plan orders. And they can not be applied for renewals or transfers


These Godaddy codes save you just $1.00/mo Shared hosting plan. It also includes 01 free domain name
HOST1G156 CJC1HOSGZ CJC1HOS5 CJC399HThese Godaddy coupons save you just $1.00/mo Economic Web hosting plan. It also includes 01 free domain name

3.3. Godaddy WordPress hosting discount codes

Godaddy WordPress hosting discount codesDescription
GDD1MWP CJCHONEYWH CJCTECHWP1 CJCWPH1These WordPress hosting discount codes save you for the 1st month of billing. It’s just $1.00/mo + Free 01 domain. They’re active and working well for this month
FBWP20This code saves you 20% off on WordPress website purchases. It includes free 01 domain name

3.4. Godaddy Website Builder discount codes

Godaddy Website Builder discount codesDescription
CJC30WSB1 IAPWBM CJCGOT1 CJCWSB16These Godaddy Website builder discount codes save you for the 1st month of billing. It’s just $1.00/mo. They’re active and working well for this month

3.5. Godaddy SSL discount codes

Godaddy SSL discount codesDescription
CJC1OFF30 CJC30C CJC2OFF30These Godaddy SSL discount codes save you 30% off on new SSL certificate orders
CJCSSL1T FBSSLA20 CJC25SSLThese SSL discount codes save you 25% off on SSL certificate orders

4. How to use the Godaddy discount code?

To redeem a Godaddy code, just simply click on the code you want to use above and copy it. Then paste that code on the coupon/discount box on the checkout page. If the code is active, you will get a discounted price on the total cart.

Below are detailed steps for using the Godaddy code

1. Login to your Godaddy account and go to the homepage. Then enter your desired domain in the textbox, for example, If the domain is still available for buying, you will get a notice: “ is available”. Click on the “Add to cart” button to continue

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2. Follow the next instructions to add more products or services if you would like to. Press the “Continue to cart” to continue to the Cart

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3. At the Cart page, near the “Checkout” button, there’s a small text “Have a promo code?“. Just click that text and paste your chosen coupon into the popup textbox. Then press the “Apply” button to have it applied.

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4. Review again your cart carefully and press the “Checkout” button to continue to the next step.


If your coupon is active and works well you will get the discounted price. Otherwise, Godaddy will show you an error saying that the coupon doesn’t work.

Sometimes you can not make a payment via Paypal due to the policy. You must pay by credit card when using that type of coupon code.

5. Why use the Godaddy discount code?

The most common reason for using Godaddy codes is to save money. Once using the right code, you will get a discount on the total order. Especially if you buy several domain names or high-price hosting plans, using the coupon code saves you a lot of money.

Usually, Godaddy promo codes only apply for the 1st term billing. After that, you need to pay for the product or service at the regular price. Using discount codes is a smart way of saving money nowadays

Besides, Godaddy is the world’s leading domain name registrar today. So, buying domain names from them is more true, reliable, and safer. Godaddy always provides you with a very large pool of domain names to choose from whenever you enter your idea into the domain search box. There are no other better places to find the ideal domain for your online business.

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6. How to contact Godaddy?

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To contact Godaddy, you just go to their contacting page and choose the section/country you want to contact to. Then call directly to the phone number in that section. Or you can chat with Godaddy support team through the chatbox icon at the bottom right of the page.

Global contact

United States

Primary: 480-463-8389

Call the award-winning sales and 24/7 support team. Godaddy customer support is available and free of charge. The connection charges may vary when calling from outside the area, abroad, or from a cellphone, depending on your specific phone plan.

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