Top 10 Best Domain Name Marketplaces for Buying and Selling Domains

If you want to buy a new domain name, go ahead to many best domain registrars, like Godaddy, Namecheap, Namesilo, Dynadot,… However, there are many domain names that were registered, aged domains, or premium domains that you can not buy at registrars. Domain name marketplaces are places for you to buy and sell these kinds of domain names. Those are places where people can list their domains for sale, as well as find desirable domains for buying.

Top 10 Domain Name Marketplaces for Buying and Selling Domains in 2020

Buying and selling domain names are activities happening daily in our digital age. People want to buy a new domain for their startup or online business. Or they just want to create a personal blog, show their portfolio or hobbies, etc. Every online thing comes with a domain name.

Below are the top 10 best domain name marketplaces where you can list your domains for sale easily and affordably.

Top 10 Best Domain Name Marketplaces

RegistrarListing FeeCommission Fee
Godaddy Domain Marketplace Godaddy$4.99/year20% ( $15 minimum)
Flippa Domain Marketplace Flippa$15 – $495% – 15%
Sedo Domain Marketplace Sedo$010% – 20%
eBay Domain Marketplace eBay$0 – $24.9510%
Freemarket Domain Marketplace Freemarket$05%
Bido Domain Marketplace Bido$06% – 12%
NamePros Domain Marketplace NamePros$0 – $10/mo0
Above Domain Marketplace Above$0 – $1.210%
NameCheap Domain Marketplace NameCheap$010%
BrandBucket Domain Marketplace BrandBucket$1015% – 30%

1. Godaddy Domain Auction

Domain name marketplaces - Godaddy Domain Auction

Godaddy Domain Auction is one of the most popular domain marketplaces for buying and selling domain names. It is the paid function from Godaddy. In order to join this domain aftermarket, you need to register an account at Godaddy and pay a yearly fee of $4.99.

This paid package includes listing fees as well as allows you to bid on other listings and to purchase domains from BIN (Buy It Now) listing. The package includes:

  • Annual membership: $4.99
  • Bid and purchase domains on Godaddy Auction
  • List domain names for sale for free.
Domain listing costs

Auction members totally can list domains for free. Free listings include:

  • Setting BIN prices (Buy It Now)
  • Accepting offers or sending your own counteroffer from/to potential buyers
  • Starting a 7-day public auction

If a domain is sold successfully, Godaddy will charge a commission fee depends on the price the domain sold for. As shown in the following table

Domain sale priceCommission
$0 – $5,00020% ( $15 minimum)
$5,001 – $25,000$1,000 + 15% of amount over $5,000
$25,000 +$4,000+ 10% of amount over $25,000

If you’re a buyer there’re no fees for you unless a 1-year renewal price is added to the purchase of Expired Domains Auctions and Value Priced Names. If the domain owner (the registrant) decides to reclaim or renew the domain, you’re entitled to a full refund.

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2. Flippa Domain Marketplace

Domain name marketplaces - Flippa domain marketplace

Flippa is one of the world’s largest auction websites for buying and selling domain names. Moreover, this domain marketplace is not only for domain exchange but also for websites, SaaS, apps, and Amazon FBA, as well as many other online businesses exchange.

Currently, Flippa has over 250k businesses sold worldwide and 120k registered buyers. The price for registering a member in this marketplace is free. However, if you would like to list your assets for sale, then you need to pay the listing fee as the following table below

Listing fees
Starter/ Template websites$15
iOS and Android apps$15
Established websites$49

Flippa also charges you a fee called a Success Fee. This fee is dependent on your actual sale price, from 5% – 15% of the final price.

Sale priceSuccess fees
Between: $1 – $499k10%
Between: $500k – $1m7.5%
Between: $1m – $5m5%
Broker Partner15%

3. Sedo Domain Marketplace

Sedo domain marketplace

Sedo is also one of the most popular domain name marketplaces in the world now. This is also a great place for buying and selling domain names. Besides, Sedo is offering many domain services for users such as free parking, free registration, appraisals, and free transfer. You can earn money with domains you already own through Sedo parking services.

Currently, there are over 19M+ listed domain names on the Sedo domain marketplace. You can also list your own domain names on Sedo at no charge and pay from 10% – 20% commission if successfully sold.

If you are a buyer buying domain names at Sedo, you only pay the price of the domains. There aren’t any additional fees or costs if you choose wire transfer as the payment method. However, if you choose other payment methods like Paypal, Alipay, Credit Card, there is a 3% handling fee added for domains purchase over $500.

The following table is showing commission fees once you have a successful sale.

Sedo commissions
Sale of a parked, Buy Now domain10%
Sale of a domain Buy Now or Make an Offer price15%
Direct Domain Auction Sale15%
Domain Sale via SedoMLS partners20%

4. eBay Domain Marketplace

ebay domain name marketplace

Everyone knows the eBay website. eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling almost all things. Among their categories, there is a place for domain names buying and selling. There are thousands of listed domains that you can buy easily. If you’re a buyer, no fees for you.

However, if you would like to list domain names for sale on eBay, you can list up to 50 domains for sale for free. After 50 free listings, each additional listing will be charged 35¢. The Standard fees are listed in the following table

Fee typeFeesNote
Insertion fees$050 Free listings
Auction-style listing35¢Insertion fee per listing after monthly free allotment
Fixed price listing35¢Insertion fee per listing after monthly free allotment

If you have hundreds or thousands of domain names for sale, you should upgrade to an eBay premium store subscription as the table below

eBay Fees
Starter$4.95/ mo with the annual subscription
Basic$21.95/ mo with the annual subscription
Premium$59.95/ mo with the annual subscription
Anchor$299.95/ mo with the annual subscription
Enterprise$2,999.95/ mo with the annual subscription

eBay also charges a 10% commission of the final price for each domain sold successfully.

5. Freemarket Domain Marketplace

Domain name marketplaces - Freemarket domain marketplace

Freemarket is one of the popular domain name marketplaces in the world now. This marketplace is focusing on helping freelancers, entrepreneurs buy and sell domains, as well as websites.

Joining this domain name marketplace is totally free. It’s also free for listing your domains to millions of users. You only pay a small fee of 5% commission on successful sales. This marketplace’s fee is one of the lowest commission fees in the industry.

Freemarket fees
Listing FeeFree
Success Fee5%
Featured$30.00 USD
Highlight$15.00 USD
Private$25.00 USD

6. Bido Domain Marketplace

bido domain marketplace

Bido is a popular domain name marketplace since 2008. This is a community for people to vote for their desirable domain going for an auction and earn money through their voted domains.

It’s totally free for users to list domain names for sale on Bido. You just simply visit their submission form wizard and go through some simple steps. Then the Bido community will vote on what goes on auction. If your domains get enough votes, you will get a notice and must verify your ownership before being listed.

Bido will charge you a percentage of the successful sales as a commission. This commission is calculated as the exact percent (%) of the sale amount.

Sale typeBido commissions
All sales via Bidoparking or redirected to Bido8%
All sales not via Bidoparking or redirected to Bido12%
All Sales via PurchaseLinks6%

7. NamePros Domain Marketplace

Namepros domain name marketplace

NamePros is currently the world’s leading domain name forum today. They are having over 1m+ active members with over 1m+ threads and 6m+ posts.

Everyone can join NamePros totally at no cost. Being a member of this forum is very easy. Moreover, with a free membership plan, you can also create 2 listings for the sale of your domains free. If you would like to list more domain names for sale, you need to upgrade the free plan to a business plan or supporter plan

PlanNamePros fees
NamePros MemberFree
NamePros Supporter$5/month
Business Account$10/month
Business (yearly)$99/year

Good thing is that NamePros does not charge fees or commissions for each domain sold successfully.

8. Above Domain Marketplace domain marketplace domain marketplace is designed specializing for domain investors. There are tens of millions of dollars in transactions closed on Above. Besides being one of the most popular domain name marketplaces in the world, is also a large domain registrar as well as a monetization autopilot. This platform is useful for buyers, sellers, and also domain brokers.

Registering an account on is free. However, listing domain names for auction has a non-refundable fee of $1.20/per listing. If you don’t list your domains with an auction listing, then it’s free with Make Offer listing

Sale fees
Domain Auctions$1.20
Make Offer listings$0
Sale Commission10% also charges a commission of 10% on successful sales. This fee is paid by the seller and is deducted directly from the buyer’s payment

9. Namecheap Domain Marketplace

Domain name marketplaces - Namecheap domain marketplace

Namecheap is a large domain registrar in the world now. Besides selling domain names they also have a domain marketplace for users buying and selling domain aftermarket. Currently, Namecheap has over 2m+ customers with over 10m+ domain names under management.

As a customer at Namecheap, you can list your domain names for sale at their marketplace. Certainly, all are free of charge. The fee at Namecheap is 10% commission on each domain you sold successfully on the marketplace

10. BrandBucket Domain Marketplace

BrandBucket domain marketplace

BrandBucket is known as one of the best domain name marketplaces specializing in brandable domains. If you have creative or brandable domain names, you can list them for sale on BrandBucket. The fee for each listing is $10, with a $1 appraisal fee and a $9 listing fee.

BrandBucket takes a commission of each successful domain sold on the marketplace. The percent (%) commission depends on the final sale price for the domain name. As the following table below

Sale priceBrandBucket fees
Below $10,00030%
Between $10,000 and $49,99925%
Between $50,000 and $99,99920%
Above $100,00015%

Other useful Domain Name Marketplaces you can join


With the Top 10 Best domain name marketplaces above, you can easily sell your domain names to earn more money. You can also come to these domain name marketplaces for buying desirable domains.

If you are a seller, usually you need to pay a small listing fee. And once your domains were sold successfully, you will pay a commission fee more. However, if you’re a buyer, you don’t have to pay anything, it’s totally free of charge.

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