Top 20 Most Highly-Priced Domain Names

And after viewing the list of the most expensive domain names available, many people have sold them for a hefty amount of money. On June 18, 2019, was sold for $30 million and was described on by Ron Jackson as the biggest publicly reported all-cash domain sale of all time. Also, the purchase was called easily the largest domain name sale of the year and one of the largest pure domain name sales of all time by Elliot Silver of

Top 20 Most Highly-Priced Domain Names

1. Introduction

Do you know any person who luckily finds rare items at Antique Roadshows? Like the oil painting by Joseph Kleitsch which was sold for almost $100 and later valued at $500,000. I suppose we all are the same in this case and have probably thought that “Why can’t that happen with me?” As I am not a typical fan of oil paintings, I like spending my time in the domain industry.

When the majority of people think about the domain prices, somewhere in the range of $10 comes on the scene. However, most of the domain names are sold for even more than that.

A domain name sold in the secondary market, when you buy it from somebody who already owns it costs thousands of dollars on average.

Usually, we see public domain sales reported every week from the tens to hundreds of thousands, and sometimes they are reported in even millions. For the weekly domain sales and annual historical sales reports, you can visit the According to them, this year’s top sale is for $3.5 million, for example. This report is a great option to see the latest sales and trends.

Identifying the most highly-priced domain names is a difficult task as many associated parties tend to keep the information private. There are different reasons, ranging from liking to keep their competition in secret to not letting others know how much they can spend on a domain in the time to come.

It is a normal declaration that most of the high-value domain sales are done with some kind of NDA in place. Fortunately, many sales are public, so it becomes easy for us to have a good idea of the domain market and its condition over the years.

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2. The list topper

The most highly-priced domain name ever sold is done at $872 million. It was which got valued at $872 million and we got that number from SEC filing, provided by its parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.). Imagine how would they feel if you told them their actual domain worth!

As most of the people don’t report the sale of their domains openly, the top lists differ. But generally, many people agree with most of the biggest sales reported for domain names.

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3. Top 20 Highly-priced Domain names reported publicly

Below are the 20 most expensive domain names that have been reported publicly:

DomainSold for$49.7 million$35.6 million$35 million$30.18 million$30 million$18 million$17 million$16 million£9.99 million$14 million*$13 million$11 million$9.5 million$9 million$8.8 million$8.5 million$8 million$7.5 million$7.5 million$7 million

* domain name was sold twice – first in 2005 for $14 million and again in 2010 for $13 million.

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4. Know the Worth of your Domain name

Now as you know what domains can potentially sell for, you must be thinking what your domain name is worth. Visit to search by a particular domain or keyword and use different filters to explore the already sold domains associated with those you are thinking of selling. Also, you can use GoDaddy’s domain valuation tool to get the idea regarding the resale value of your domains.

If you are wondering about purchasing a domain name and selling it for additional money, domain marketplaces are great options for finding domains that might have good resale value.

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Like any other buying, it is good to begin slow and do the homework before you spend your money and time for the upcoming big domain sale.

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