The Right Place to Purchase Wholesale Aftermarket Domains

1. Almost always, domain name investors purchase two kinds of domains

  1. Domain names that are not registered up till now.
  2. Domains on which others have already claimed.

Domain names in the second type are on the domain name aftermarket. Domains that no one has their eyes on are easy to register. Simply get in touch with a hosting provider and register them at extremely low rates.

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The Right Place to Purchase Wholesale Aftermarket Domains

But what happens when you want to purchase the greatly desired aftermarket domains? Of course, their acquisition is quite difficult. It starts with contacting the domain name owners to confirm if they are willing to sell the domains. The process is time-consuming and results in the purchase hardly ever.

It is fortunate that some domain marketplaces are available, specializing in domainer-to-domainer sales. Domain investors can buy domains here from others at lower prices than what sellers would want from end-users. Three marketplaces from where you can purchase the domains at wholesale prices to offer them to end-users at higher rates are as follow:

2. NamePros

It is the biggest domain name forum where domain investors connect to discuss strategies, look at recent sales, and purchase and sell domains. NamePros has various sub-forums on offer to sell many types of domains, including brandable, numeric, and traffic domains. Sellers have the choice of listing their domain names at fixed costs by auction or just requesting the offers.

However, it is comparatively less structured than the wholesale marketplaces. Buyers and sellers are required to manage the transactions on their own instead of using the marketplace transaction system. Still, it is a nice place to sell domains without paying anything. And even if they aren’t into purchasing or selling domains here, the domainers can check out this forum to get more information about domain name investing.

3. Squadhelp Wholesale Marketplace

It is a crowdsourcing marketplace that works to help companies get great company and product names. It is the business that explains what a company or its product is all about and the crowd gives name suggestions.

On Squadhelp, the domain owners can list their domains in either of the following ways:

  1. Either they can apply for a domain to be listed as a premium name getting much exposure on the platform.
  2. Or, they can list domain names without going through the approval procedure.

The premium domains have prices listed that might attract a business wanting to use that name. Although the suitable end user may take time to come and investors might want to sell the domain for a lower price to another investor. This is when Squadhelp’s wholesale marketplace enters the battlefield.

The sellers can define a wholesale price for their aftermarket domains on the marketplace which is only shown to the qualified domain investors. The investor can purchase it at a wholesale rate and take control of the seller’s premium listing. So, it gets confirmed that the domain can be sold as a premium one on Squadhelp’s system. This is the extra benefit the domain investors get. And when the domain names get sold on the wholesale marketplace, Squadhelp charges the sellers only a little amount to make up for its credit card costs.

4. Domain Name Wholesale Exchange (DNWE)

It is a marketplace where domain investors sell their domains to others at reduced prices than they would offer to the end-users. They sell the domains at lower prices on DNWE but keep them listed at increased costs on end-user marketplaces. The domain owners are given the choice of listing domains in both curated and non-curated markets. It is a must for the domain names to pass the DNWE’s review process in the curated market while those in the non-curated market have no listing criteria.

Purchases get the ease of classifying the domains by registration date, domain extension, and different parameters. Moreover, they can export the list of domains to a .CSV file for running the analysis with third-party tools. DNWE also sends alerts if a domain name that meets the buyer’s criteria is on the curated marketplace.

It has quite an interesting model as buyers and sellers pay subscription charges for participation rather than paying commissions. Also, buyers pay a little escrow amount on purchasing the domain names. Here, domain investors can sell as many domains as they want throughout the year and pay only a little amount instead of giving sales to the marketplace.

5. Handling Your New Domain Names

It is quite a fun task to purchase aftermarket domains on these wholesale platforms. Also, you can understand which domains are for sale and for what prices, helping as you learn to become a better domain name investor. And if you want to save some money, you have a choice of listing your domains at wholesale prices on these marketplaces. No matter whichever marketplace you choose to purchase the domains at wholesale, you still have to manage your domains at the registrar. There are some hosting providers where you can transfer your new domain names for low prices.

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