Making a website from scratch used to be difficult. never again. The best website builders can make you a web designer right away even if you’ve never created a website before. All you need to do is choose a lovely template and give it your own unique touch. To find out for yourself, look at our evaluation of the best website builder

Best website builder

1. Wix: The best website builder for the first site

Without a question, Wix is your best choice if you’re a beginner looking to build your first website. It offers a way to make the creation of a website easy and, dare I say it, pleasant.

Their artificial intelligence (AI) helps you create a website once you briefly describe your goals. It’s like taking a quiz on Buzzfeed, only you get a great website in return (instead of just wasting time during your work day).

The ease of use of Wix without sacrificing the quality of the final product was praised by every customer we spoke with.

The individual who made this statement to me claimed that “[Wix] is really intuitive and they give you wonderful tools to construct great websites.” They also lauded the hundreds of templates in the builder, praising “its straightforward drag-and-drop builder” and “it’s choice of beautiful styles.”

They offer themes for websites dedicated to, to mention a few, music, art, fashion, health, travel, photography, building, and dining.

Wix further provided a number of revenue streams for one of the users we spoke with.

They informed me, “My Wix website landed me a couple of jobs.” I also have a consistent monthly income from an online store I set up on my website.

Wix offers a straightforward website builder, but it also has a sizable content library that you may use if you ever get stuck.

As one client put it, “If I’m unclear about a given topic, it’s fast to get solutions via their aid.”

For US consumers, Wix offers a round-the-clock callback service so that, if you require a little more hands-on help, a real person can guide you through any problems.

This is rare in the realm of website builders, and it will unquestionably be advantageous to you in the long run. In the event that something goes wrong or your website fails, you may then request help immediately.

Naturally, I had to give it a try for myself, so I got started right away with my own Wix page from scratch.

2. Shopify: Best for services and product sellers

Shopify is the best option we can recommend to companies seeking an online sales platform. Organizing delivery, making appointments, and selling things is incredibly straightforward.

Naturally, you could complete all of this with other website builders, but Shopify is the best at e-commerce. There isn’t any website builder that is as straightforward or efficient.

It is an online store platform including a website, order fulfillment capabilities, a payment processor, and marketing tools. Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce app shops if it doesn’t already offer a feature to meet your demands.

Best website builder


One of the more than 100 e-commerce website templates is a good place to start. Before you start adding goods, make some important changes to put them in line with the brand. You don’t need to be a computer expert to make your first dollar on Shopify.

Shopify has a few limitations. You can sell as many items, varieties, and styles on any channel as you choose. By giving website visitors a sophisticated online shopping experience, Shopify makes it easy to astound them with minimal work on your part.

3. Bluehost: Best optimized for WordPress site

The most popular website creation platform is WordPress, but you need your own hosting. Use the Bluehost WordPress Website Builder to launch your site, as per our recommendation.

Our content management system is WordPress (CMS). To be clear, they don’t pay us to; we simply enjoy the product. So I can personally attest to how great it is.

In addition, we are not alone. WordPress users can utilize it as their content management system, joining the likes of Vogue, Bloomberg, and even Beyonce.

But don’t just take my word for it; all of our users agreed on this.

One client said, “With no prior knowledge of WordPress, it was a bit of a high learning curve but I figured everything out quickly enough. If you encounter an issue, all you need to do is Google it or search for a solution on YouTube because WordPress is highly user-friendly.

It is not only expandable but also very customizable. The size of this CMS can be changed to fit your needs, either up or down.

Another person appreciated WordPress for being flexible. The backend code is easily available because it’s an open-source application, allowing programmers and other producers to make unique themes, widgets, and CMS plugins.

It follows that there are a plethora of different ways to integrate plugins and themes. If you want to get your hands dirty, you may also explore the backend on your own and completely customize your website.

More than 11,000 themes are available for WordPress. Many of them go unpaid, but some do.

I suggest selecting a paid one if you can. One of our users purchased their theme, extensively customized it, and made it wholly their own.

The benefit of this is that it will help your website stand out from the crowd. If you select one of the popular free themes, your WordPress website will just look like hundreds of other websites. However, if you work hard and pay a little money, you may build a website that is entirely unique to you.

Each of our users built a website with the express purpose of bringing in leads, customers, and sales. They were able to accomplish this due to the CMS’s easily integrated e-commerce functionality and effective SEO tools like Yoast, which assisted them in obtaining organic traffic.

“Once my audience got big enough, I was able to monetize my website via affiliate marketing, along with infoproducts like ebooks and minicourses,” a user said.

This person is in charge of a genealogy website whose objective is to make family gatherings easier. By integrating a popular newsletter with their ancestry-focused blog, they were able to gain a loyal readership (and therefore customers).

They asserted that one method for doing so was by using the Mailchimp plugin to build an email subscriber list and newsletter. It’s a requirement if you want to make money from your blog.

4. Zyro: Best for reducing website expenses

Zyro (pronounced like zero) is the best economical choice if you want a website that you can design and update yourself. There aren’t many excellent website builders, and this is the most affordable one that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Working with a developer is not necessary. You do not necessarily have to use WordPress or HTML. You can drag, drop, and click your way to a stunning website. Additionally, you won’t spend as much as you would on similar services.

Best website builder


If you are a freelancer or the owner of a small business that merely requires a website, Zyro needs to be at the top of your list. Does it have the same functionality as Squarespace and Wix? Not even close, but it is just as easy to use and costs a lot less.

There are trade-offs associated with Zyro’s low price. However, I would argue that many of these omitted bells and whistles won’t be significant to folks who merely need a basic digital workspace for their business.

If every penny counts, using Zyro to build your website is the best option.

5. Weebly: Best for Solopreneurs

Weebly is a versatile, out-of-the-box website builder that is part of the Wix and Squarespace families. We enjoy providing it to independent contractors and solopreneurs that need a website and a simple way to bill for their services.

Weebly is run by Square, the business that created the well-known point-of-sale system. If you sell products offline, as at a farmers’ market, this suggests that you will be able to easily integrate your POS sales with your website.

The market leader in e-commerce is Shopify, but if you don’t need a fully functional web store, Weebly may be the best option.

Best website builder


We talked to users who included a singer who used Weebly to sell music to fans directly, a LinkedIn coach and blogger who sold sessions for her coaching services immediately on her website, and a website designer who used her Weebly site to draw in new clients.

According to the web designer, “I chose to utilize Weebly to build all of my websites years ago with the idea that it was simple enough for my clients to edit their own web pages.

6. Squarespace: The best website builder for all types of creators

Since its inception, Squarespace has been the best choice for creatives and business owners who are serious about the aesthetics of their websites.

The Squarespace users whose websites we visited highlighted creators, and this is not by chance. A web design expert who teaches students how to create stunning websites was one of these users, as was an interior design blog that displays magnificent home tours on their website.

According to one user, “I think I got my blog up and running within a day.” Beautiful, easily customizable templates are available from Squarespace.

7. GoDaddy: Mobile devices are the most effective for building websites

In addition to dependable hosting and domain services, GoDaddy also provides a straightforward and simple website builder.

Think of it as a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach because it might not be the best in any one area. They provide a huge selection of different templates, including those for blogs, portfolios, and e-commerce sites, so you can create the website that’s perfect for you.

But if there’s anything that GoDaddy is particularly good at, it’s simplicity and intuitiveness. That was the thing that stuck out the most to one of the persons we spoke with, Gabriel Smith. While living on the streets as a homeless person, Gabriel actually built his GoDaddy website fully on his phone.

That was indeed what you read. In order to share his autobiography with the world, he had just finished writing it on his phone. When he discovered GoDaddy, he immediately began using his phone to build a whole website.

Best website builder


I did it literally because I was homeless, Gabe remarked while grinning. How about something else? Although I wasn’t sure how many people my story would be able to assist, I was determined to spread it in some way.

Gabe was able to easily create his website with the use of one of his few possessions, a smartphone. By utilizing simply the mobile editor, he was able to create a website that benefited both him and his goal of promoting his book.

He claims he rates GoDaddy’s user-friendliness at five instead of ten “mainly because ten isn’t an option.” In this regard, the website builder excels.

Thanks to his book and website, Gabriel was able to set up speaking engagements and coaching opportunities to help individuals who were in a similar situation to him but with a bit more grit and hustle. As a self-improvement book and motivational speaker, he is now enjoying a successful career.

8. Summary of the best website builder

There isn’t a website builder solution that works for everyone. It’s acceptable if what works for one individual or company doesn’t work for you. Select a website builder based on your needs and level of expertise. Use a template as a starting point and you’ll be good to go.

As you compare the top website builders, use the suggestions in this guide as a resource. You can still follow the advice in our reviews.

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