Do you care about how your WordPress site functions? Monitoring important website data might help you figure out what in your company is functioning and what isn’t. After that, you may tweak your content strategy, try out some novel ideas to increase website traffic, and raise conversion rates. In this article, we’ll demonstrate several important WordPress site metrics for you to monitor.

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1. Using WordPress site to Calculate Vital Statistics

If you want to manage a successful business, it is essential to comprehend the functioning of your WordPress site. Many business owners, however, rely on their “best estimations” rather than using facts to inform their judgments.

You may make informed decisions and confidently grow your website by keeping track of important web metrics in this situation.

You can keep an eye on what strategies work, what content your readers like, where they come from, and how you can drive more traffic and WordPress conversions.

The simplest way to measure important statistics in WordPress is by using MonsterInsights. It is the top WordPress analytics plugin with over 3 million websites using it.

In addition to showing popular content, bringing important statistics into your WordPress dashboard, and offering sophisticated tracking features, MonsterInsights makes it exceedingly simple to set up Google Analytics in WordPress.

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The first step is downloading, installing, and turning on the MonsterInsights plugin. If you need help installing a WordPress plugin, please refer to our instructions.

1.1. Sessions

The first metric you should look at is the traffic to your website. To do that, you can examine the number of sessions. A session is one visit to your website, which could result in numerous pageviews.

Viewing the ‘Overview‘ report under Insights » Reports will allow you to easily see the number of sessions in MonsterInsights.

The trend over the prior 30 days is depicted on the graph. By highlighting the graph, you can quickly see the Unique Sessions for a certain day. This website metric can help you figure out how many people are visiting your site and whether or not traffic is changing for the better or worse.

Looking at sessions on a WordPress site, for example, can show whether readers are growing. If so, you need to find more ways to increase blog visitors.

You may also look at the average session duration and bounce rate to find out more about user involvement.

If your website’s session length is high, visitors who enjoy reading your material stay there longer. A high bounce rate, on the other hand, suggests that users left your website after being unable to find what they were looking for.

1.2. Top Referrals

The following measure you should watch is referrals. These are websites that link to your content and send search engine traffic, also known as referral traffic, to your website.

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As a result of linking to your posts, these websites are providing you with a backlink. Backlinks lend credibility to your content and are an important factor in Google’s ranking system.

If your content contains hyperlinks from reputable websites, your keyword rankings will rise as a result.

The top referrals metric allows you to see which websites are sending people to your website. By acquiring additional backlinks, you may help your WordPress SEO by finding relevant websites.

The guest piece that is considerably generating referral traffic can be identified in a similar manner. It helps in choosing the writing style and subject matter for prospective guest blogs.

1.3. Top Countries

Have you ever considered the origin of your customers? You can find out which country or region brings in the most visitors to your website by looking at the Top Countries metric in MonsterInsights.

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Using the data from the top countries’ reports, you can generate new ideas for articles.

Imagine that the region sending the most traffic is coming from India. If you own a tech blog or website, you may write about the best web hosting companies in India, and if you run a travel blog, you can write about the top 5 places to visit in India.

Additionally, you can create customized marketing campaigns and offer consumers from diverse places a distinctive user experience. For instance, you might provide free delivery or discount coupons to customers in a particular region.

1.4. Top Posts and Pages

Do you have any idea which of your website’s blog posts and landing pages attracts the most visits, interaction, and conversions? Simply looking at the top posts and pages metric will reveal the answer.

You can check which of your posts and pages are the most popular by viewing the Overview report in MonsterInsights.

If you’re using the MonsterInsights Pro edition, you can access the Publishers report to find out more about how visitors interact with your most important pages.

Simply navigate to Insights » Reports and choose the “Publishers” option. Following is a report on the top landing pages, which displays the number of visitors, average time spent there, and bounce rate for your pages.

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Once you know which articles are performing the best, you may improve your traffic by writing more content on relevant subjects. You should also take a look at these top pages’ keyword rankings in order to overcome them and overtake them in Google.

In order to expand your email list, you can also publish your newsletter subscription form on these popular websites. If you sell goods or services, you can make changes to your popular pages to boost revenue and conversions.

1.5. Outbound Links

The following WordPress site metric you should track is outbound link clicks. These are in-content references that you have made to other websites. By clicking on an external or outbound link, a user is taken to another website.

In the Publisher’s report for MonsterInsights, the Top Outbound Links are highlighted. Please be advised that Google Analytics does not automatically track clicks on external links. However, MonsterInsights comes pre-configured with link tracking.

You can create new collaboration alternatives by determining which outgoing link receives the most clicks.

To seek a backlink to your blog, for instance, contact the websites you are sending traffic to. You can also join their affiliate marketing program and build alliances to improve your income.

You can also come up with new content ideas and obtain a better knowledge of your consumers’ behavior by keeping track of outgoing links. Links are being used by users to obtain content on other websites, so you should enhance that section on your own website.

1.6. Demographics

Users’ demographics are an important web measure to monitor. It facilitates your audience’s understanding. Once you know what people like, you may provide them with that or produce material that suits their tastes.

Utilizing MonsterInsights makes it simple to track and evaluate demographic information. WordPress gives you access to information about your visitors’ age, gender, and interests.

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You can use demographics to find hidden WordPress user data that can help you make business decisions.

Let’s use the example of an online shoe retailer. If the vast majority of your clients are female, you can stock your store with more women’s shoes than men’s.

Similarly to this, if you create articles about the most recent technology and one of your audience’s top interests is smartphones, you can produce more content in this category than in others.

1.7. Top Google Search Terms

Do you want to know what visitors are searching for when they find your website? You may get this knowledge right away by looking at the most frequently used Google search terms on your website.

Using MonsterInsights, which integrates Search Console data into your WordPress admin area, you can see the top 50 terms visitors use to search for your website on Google.

By measuring the Google Search Phrases metric, you may find out which search terms lead people to your website. The report includes the average position, clicks, impressions, and CTR for each search term.

You can pick and refine keywords from the report that is almost at the top of Google.

The study also reveals “low-hanging fruit,” or keywords that, with a minor change to the meta title, some internal linking, and some keyword optimization, can quickly rank on Google’s first page.

You can also find new keyword suggestions for your website. If related search terms are already performing well, you might want to consider improving your content for them. As a result, you’ll acquire keyword rankings for a variety of search terms and enhance your organic traffic.

1.8. Form Conversions

Forms are essential to the success of your business, regardless of whether you run a WooCommerce store, blog, membership website, or company website.

Through the use of forms, you can interact with your visitors. You may rapidly gather client feedback and provide them with answers through contact forms.

But adding a form alone won’t be enough for your WordPress website. Their efficiency and conversion rates need to be tracked. Tracking form conversion rates is helpful in this situation.

The MonsterInsights Forms addon makes it simple to monitor form conversions in Google Analytics. It works well with WordPress form plugins like WPForms, Formidable Forms, and others.

The best feature is the ability to examine the report directly from your WordPress dashboard. Just navigate to Insights » Reports » Forms to see the report.

Each form’s total impressions, conversions, and conversion rates are shown in the report.

The information from the report can be used to determine which forms generate the most conversions and which don’t. The layout, questions, and other elements of the low-converting forms can be changed to improve conversions.

On the other hand, placing your incredibly successful forms in the sidebar or on the most important pages could boost their conversion rates even further.

1.9. Site speed

The site speed of your WordPress website is another indicator you must track. This is a result of Google’s recent decision to include site loading speed as a ranking factor.

If your website is sluggish to load and doesn’t provide a good user experience, Google won’t rank your content higher and will instead favor other sites that are faster.

A quick and simple way to estimate load time is to use the MonsterInsights Site Speed report.

The report also provides other web metrics for measuring page speed as well as an overall site speed rating for desktop and mobile. Additionally, advice on how to make your website load more quickly is given to you.

1.10. Custom Dimensions

To learn more about how users interact with your website, you can use custom dimensions as supplementary data. They help with concerns including content types, SEO efficiency, user engagement, and more.

When using the MonsterInsights Dimensions extension, creating custom dimensions in WordPress is very easy. You may follow the most popular writers, post kinds, categories, and tags, among other things.

If you run a website with numerous authors, for example, you could utilize custom measurements to monitor which authors are the most well-liked. Find out which article categories get the most traffic so you can improve their conversion rates and think of new content ideas.

You can add more distinctive elements with MonsterInsights. You may monitor people who are logged in and learn about the most well-liked post types using the plugin. For instance, if your audiences like guides and tutorials, you may offer content in such a vein to boost traffic.

When utilizing the All in One SEO (AIO SEO) plugin, you can monitor the TruSEO score of your articles and pages using custom dimensions. Similarly to that, it allows you to monitor the Focus Keyphrases you’ve chosen for each post and figure out which keyword receives the most traffic.

2. Conclusion

We hope that this article has helped you identify important metrics to monitor on your WordPress site. If you liked this article, please follow our website continuously. You may also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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